Udomljavanje Plakat


Sunday, February 19th 2012. from 13:00 to 17:00
DOB//Entrance Hall

Dom omladine Belgrade and the society Ljudi za zivotinje (People for Animals) will on February 19th organize the first big public event of adopting abandoned dogs and cats. Dom omladine Belgrade will be the first cultural institution that will open its doors for such an activity, with an aim to raise public awareness on animal rights.

We would like for adopted animals to become a trend and a sign of prestige, as with pedigreed animals. We believe adopting mixed breeds and animals with handicaps should become a politically correct thing to do, and we think that stray animals should be renamed to animals which are still looking for a home.

Instead of buying a pet, come to Dom omladine Belgrade and adopt a dog or a cat! Maybe you haven’t heard, but adopting abandoned dogs is in fashion, it’s politically correct and the most humane way of taking care of these animals. Through adoption, stray dogs and cats will no longer live on the streets, which will reduce their number in Belgrade.

Talk your friends out of buying pets, and tell them to adopt one of our charming “homeless” mixed breeds. This way we will reduce the number of animals on the street.

Citizens who already have a pet will get free advice from veterinarians, who will also examine already adopted pets and give advice to new owners about care, food, sterilization/castration, vaccination, and chipping. Members of the society for the protection of animals will give legal advice to dog and cat owners, as well as information on how to be a responsible owner.

Citizens who decide to adopt a cat or dog during uDOMljavanje/adopting, will sign an agreement that will bind them to be responsible owners. The adoption procedure is free of charge.
We also invite individual volunteers who help homeless dogs and cats to participate in uDOMljavanje/adopting. We ask them to bring a vaccination certificate for every animal, so no one would get infected during contact. Animals should also be cleaned from inner and outer parasites. All dogs older than three month must be vaccinated against rabies and have a chip.

For the event uDOMljavanje/adopting, Dom omladine Belgrade and the society Ljudi za zivotinje was joined by the societies for the protection of animals “FENIKS”, “VHB” and “HUMANO DRUSTVO OBRENOVCA”, veterinarians dr Verica Nedeljkovic, dr Ivan Djurickovic and dr Sasa Stokic, as well as the veterinarian institution “Veterina Beograd”, the only city institution which takes care of abandoned animals in Belgrade.

Together with the City of Belgrade, we want to actively work on raising awareness about being responsible pet owners and the popularize the most humane way of helping homeless cats ands dogs – Adoption.

“Veterina Beograd” will bring five dogs from the city animal shelter to “uDOMljavanje”.  


After this adopting, we hope there won’t be anymore stray animals in Belgrade, only those which still haven’t found a home!

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