FSFF Zombie Walk

7th Festival of Serbian Fantasy Film: APOCALYPSE TODAY

October 18th to 21st 2012.
DOB//Americana Hall

The Festival of Serbian Fantasy Film (FSFF) is the first event in Serbia that covers the domestic cinema of fantasy, science fiction and horror. We continue our tradition this year by introducing new domestic names from these genres. We will talk about our authors that have successful international careers, like Jovanka Vuckovic, a director whose two films will be presented at the opening of FSFF. One of her films (The Captured Bird) was produced by the famous Guillermo del Toro.

Poljski film web


October 05th to 09th 2012.
DOB//Main Hall

This retrospective of contemporary Polish films is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Poland, the Polish Film Institute and the National Polish Film Archive.
A variety of genres, authors and strong actors are just some of the characteristics of the Portuguese cinema, one of the most interesting in Europe. The retrospective will include screenings of both contemporary feature films and shorts. Ticket price: 100 dinars