Zvucna mapa Dorcola web

Sound Map of Dorcol

Monday, November 19th 2012. from 13:00 to 21:00

The civic association Tacka komunikacije began a project in May 2012 called The Sound Map of Dorcol. On the initiative of young cultural theorists and producers, a team was formed that for months gathered material that was to be posted in October 2012 for this unique city guide. The project’s goal is to create a website and applications for smart devices through which visitors and residents can hear interesting stories about this part of Belgrade.

Around 20 locations have been mapped until now, all of which are important for the unique socio-cultural development of Dorcol as a multicultural neighborhood.   

For more, please visit www.zvucnamapadorcola.rs. The website gives information on how you can join the project and add points to the map. This is the first guide of its type in Serbia.

Supporters: Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society of the Republic of Serbia, Telenor Fund, UK "Parobrod", Youth Society of the Municipality of Stari grad, Belgrade Tourist Organization and many other.

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