About us

Cultural Center Dom omladine Belgrade (DOB) is a centre that promotes youth programs in the fields of contemporary art and culture. Dom omladine covers all artistic disciplines and forms: visual arts and new media, film and music. Of equal importance are educative and debate programs of the centre that have for decades been DOB’s trademark. The basic principles and criteria in program planning are innovation and current affairs.

Founded in 1964, located in the centre of Belgrade just a minute’s walk from the central city square Trg Republike, Dom omladine has for years been a focal meeting point of Belgrade’s youth. Every year over 180 000 young people visit over a thousand of DOB’s programs.

This cultural centre functions in six halls (of which five are multifunctional), lobbies, as well as the additional venue “Magacin” located in Kraljevica Marka Street, on more than 5,000 square meters: Large Hall, Americana Hall, Klub DOB, Gallery, Panel Hall, American Corner, Lobbies, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka 4 and 8.

Flexibility and adaptability refer not only to the spaces in the centre, but also to its program conception and high production standards.
DOB functions both as a platform for promoting new artists, ideas and initiatives, but also as a platform for connecting institutional and non-institutional culture.

Additionally, DOB is an important meeting point for both domestic and foreign artists, with the aim to connect various cultural scenes two-way. This is why Cultural Center Dom omladine Belgrade is a member of numerous local, regional and international networks.

Through its programs (cultural, educational and debate), DOB draws attention to the wider social context and thereby represents an important space for public social youth dialogues.  

Dom omladine Belgrade (DOB) is a cultural centre of the City of Belgrade.

Photo by Dragan Babovic